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Try out & discover: Girls' Day gives you the chance to get to know professions and fields of study. Leadec is taking part again and opening its doors on 25.04.2024. From automation to machining technology, take a look behind the scenes, get to know the trainers and try things out in practice.


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What we offer on Girls'Day 2024


Interested in robotics and digitalization? You have the choice at the Chemnitz site! 


Electronics technician in automation technology

At the Leadec Education Center (focus on automation and robotics), you will immerse yourself in the world of robot programming (industrial robots). You can also solve your own small programming tasks, for example how to get a robot to pick up an object and place it somewhere else.


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Computer science & digitalization in the manufacturing environment

You have the opportunity to get to know the IT specialist apprenticeship and the dual degree course in digital engineering and computer science and experience digitalization in the manufacturing environment at first hand. Using a number of examples, we go from machine and sensor data to the Industrial Internet of Things. This will enable CO2-neutral and resource-efficient production in the future.


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In Eschweiler, you can get to know the training occupation of warehouse logistics specialist .

You will organize the unloading of goods and ensure that the goods are stored under optimal conditions. You will also plan and optimize shipping and storage and keep an eye on all internal warehouse logistics processes.


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At the Ingolstadt / Gaimersheim site, you will have the opportunity to get to know the apprenticeship as an electronics technician for energy and building technology. You will accompany our training manager in everyday working life and can get a first impression of the workplace and the working methods of an electronics technician for energy and building technology on site.


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Visit us in the Autostadt Wolfsburg and learn more about the apprenticeship as an electronics technician specializing in energy and building technology. You will plan electrical systems for buildings as well as their energy supply and infrastructure. You will install the systems, put them into operation and maintain or repair them if necessary.

On Girls'Day, you will get to talk to our trainees and experience practical activities in our on-site training workshop and have the opportunity to build an LED lamp, for example.


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Visit our workshop in Eisenach and find out more about three of our apprenticeships:


  • Metal construction technicians are skilled in the production of metal and steel constructions (e.g. platforms, railings), repair and maintenance of machines as well as their transportation, assembly and disassembly.
  • Electronics technicians specializing in energy and building technology plan and install electrical systems in buildings, building management systems and data networks. They program and configure the control and regulation equipment of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and install antennas, reception and broadband communication systems.
  • Plant mechanics for sanitary, heating and air conditioning technology install water and air supply systems and install and connect washbasins, shower cubicles and other sanitary facilities. They also install and maintain energy-efficient and environmentally friendly systems such as solar systems, heat pumps and wood pellet systems in buildings. The use of sustainable supply and disposal systems is becoming increasingly important.

Come and talk to our trainees, experience practical activities and implement your own small project.


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At the Hoyerswerda site, you will have the opportunity to get to know the apprenticeship as an electronics technician for automation technology.

As an electronics technician, you will assemble a machine from many individual parts that works all by itself. You will assemble and program the systems, analyze functional relationships and design modifications and extensions. You then carry out test runs to check that everything works as planned. And if there is a malfunction, you will get to the bottom of the problem and rectify it.



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At our Stuttgart location, you will have the opportunity to get to know the IT specialist apprenticeship more closely and, above all, to get a taste of project air for a day!

After a brief introduction to our company and an overview of our training professions, our trainees will give you further information and practical insights into the IT specialist job profile.


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