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  • What makes your manufacturing smarter? Excellent planning. We go the whole way with you – from process and area planning to line and equipment design and factory simulation to commissioning and start-up support.
  • Plan smart, produce optimally

    What makes your manufacturing smarter? Excellent planning. We go the whole way with you – from process and area planning to line and equipment design and factory simulation to commissioning and start-up support.

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Production planning and optimization

Together with our customers, we go the entire way from process and area planning to the detailed planning of lines and plants and factory simulation to support with implementation. Whether greenfield or brownfield - we are at home in both worlds. The optimization of your processes with MTM, lean or CIP methods is just as much a part of our services as the corresponding logistics planning. Together we create the conditions for more productivity, process reliability and flexibility. Automobile manufacturers and their suppliers worldwide use our specific knowledge and many years of experience for large-scale production with a high number of variants and just-in-time or just-in-sequence requirements. Many medium-sized companies with very small production and batch sizes also benefit.

Scope of services

  • Production and assembly planning
  • Logistics planning
  • Plant simulation
  • Specification of production plants
  • Project, implementation and supplier management
  • Material analysis

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Our production planning and optimization. Your advantages.

Many years of experience pay off. To keep your production running, we analyze products and processes in advance. With experience from a wide range of industries, we develop an optimal concept for your task so that you will still be competitive tomorrow.


Many years of experience

Our team of experts has decades of experience in a wide range of industries.

Interface expertise

Your construction team needs planning data from plant design? Product development changes the manufacturing process? The supplier changes the delivery concept? We make sure that the interfaces are coordinated and that nothing important falls by the wayside.

Exploiting potentials

With innovative approaches to process optimisation and the use of state-of-the-art tools, we leverage potential. With our experience in the automotive sector and a wide range of customers in the non-automotive sector, we have a broad knowledge base for the best results.

Worldwide availability

Our reference list includes customers from many European countries, North and South America and Asia.

Long term reduction of costs

In addition to cost optimisation in plant investment, we also keep an eye on operating costs - regardless of whether it is a question of efficient energy use, cycle time optimisation, inventory minimisation, optimum use of workers or the avoidance of waste!

Broad customer spectrum

Our customers come from a wide range of sectors, e.g. automotive, supply industry or mechanical and plant engineering. Beside them, there is an increasing proportion of customers from healthcare and beauty, e-commerce and new energies sectors as well. Moreover, customers in the distribution and warehousing sector also represent a significant share.

Our services in detail

Production and assembly planning

  • Concept layouts and detailed planning of production areas
  • Complete planning of manufacturing and assembly processes
  • Process optimization and elimination of non-value-added processes
  • Resource and workload planning
  • Cycle time optimization, MTM analyses and ergonomics

Plant simulation

  • Analysis of existing plants and modeling of plan scenarios
  • Process simulation under consideration of machine parameters
  • Resource determination and utilization verification
  • 3D modeling and animated process simulation
  • Virtual performance verification of manufacturing, assembly and logistics processes
  • Resource planning 

Project, implementation and supplier management

  • Supplier recommendations
  • Bid comparisons and contract award support
  • Project management and start-up support

Logistics planning

  • Concept development and detailed planning
  • Planning of route networks and transport solutions
  • Route and capacity optimization
  • Planning of storage and picking systems
  • Optimization of material supply

Production plant specification

  • Budget determination
  • Preparation of specifications
  • Elaboration of process descriptions
  • Documentation and presentation of cycle time studies and simulation runs

Material analysis

Our Institute for Corrosion and Damage Analysis (IfKorr) offers a wide range of services:

  • Corrosion and climate testing

  • Electrochemistry

  • Mechanical-technological tests

  • Analytics

  • Non-destructive testing

What is next?


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Initial consultation

At a personal appointment, we discuss the circumstances and take down all the information needed for an assessment.

Quotation preparation

Based on your wishes and the conditions on site, we prepare a tailor-made offer.


After the assignment, we start the implementation with a team of experts tailored to your project - on site or in the back office, as required.

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