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  • Transform your factory into a data-driven shop floor

    We understand the shop floor and bridge the border between OT and IT. Get more out of your factory with the help of information technology. We digitize your factory and implement Industry 4.0 in your company.

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Production IT

The networking of production and the integration of cloud systems help companies to better understand their production and to recognize potential. With our extensive range of Production IT, we give our customers all the tools they need in connection with their know-how to optimize their production by providing data. Based on the information compiled in the data lake, all processes can be digitally displayed and analyzed. The results can e.g. reduce downtime and manufacturing costs.
We enable the targeted control of your entire value-added process as well as a fast and flexible ability to react to necessary changes.

Scope of services

  • Production networking
  • ​​​Intelligent production control
  • Automated test processes
  • Monitoring of the shopfloor
  • Digitization of logistics processes
  • Data analysis

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Our solutions for the digital factory. Your advantages.

We design, develop, deliver and maintain mission-critical software for our customers in the manufacturing industry. Due to the unique combination of IT and OT know-how, we are the preferred partner for the digitization of the factories of today and tomorrow.


Increase productivity

High efficiency and continuous optimization through production IT as well as prudent planning and preventive measures will increase your productivity while reducing costs.

More transparency

Collecting, evaluating and documenting meaningful data allows you to trace processes back to batch size 1, track the actual state in real time and uncover weak points.

Easy entry Industry 4.0

Get started with us on the topic of Industry 4.0 and transform your company into an efficient, digital organization. So that you can continue to meet the requirements of the constantly growing market in the future.

Maintaining the value of the plant

Based on the recorded data of your plants and machines, maintenance work can be maintenance work can be better predicted. Predictive and condition-based maintenance can extend the life of equipment and machines and continuously improve performance.

Make better decisions

The integration of production IT makes it possible to create forecasts through the continuous flow of data, which help you to make faster and data-based decisions.

Competent partner at your side

We see ourselves not only as an IT service provider, but also as a full-service provider. With our knowledge from manufacturing combined with our IT offering, we support you in all steps up to full implementation.


The first step towards the smart factory is difficult for most customers to assess in terms of effort and complexity. With our offer of the IIoT strategy assessment, we offer you a simple and scalable start. With an initial analysis to record and optimize a selected part of a machine or system and create a roadmap for implementation, we support your company on the way to Industry 4.0. Benefit from the unique combination of IT and manufacturing know-how at Leadec and exploit the potential in your production.


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Our services in detail

Production networking

We transform your production into a "Data Driven Shopfloor".
Through the seamless integration and networking of systems, machines, sensors and input devices in the processing systems, whether on-premise or cloud-based, we enable a real-time display with direct access to all system parts. From inbound logistics to production or assembly to outbound logistics and all peripheral systems, we have an overview of the current status.

Automated test processes

In order to meet the requirements of constantly growing quality standards, we develop and integrate automated test processes. Whether inline, end-of-line or screening tests, with our solutions we integrate automated evaluation systems for a real-time quality statement at critical points in production. This gives you security in production and offers comprehensive documentation and tracking as well as revision security. Based on real-time capable software systems, model-based simulations and carefully selected components, we implement applications for your testing tasks in hardware and software. Our competencies also include the dynamic configuration of test scenarios and processes as well as the development of individual test benches.

Digitization of logistics processes

By integrating the logistics processes into the data management, information on the provision of materials, stock levels and procurement can be clearly displayed. This transparency enables companies to adjust inventories, transport quantities and destinations. In interaction with the ERP and other data systems, necessary requirements from production can be recognized and, under certain circumstances, orders can be triggered automatically. Not only can vacancies be recognized and prevented in good time, the integration of self-sufficient transport systems (DTS) also avoids large interim storage facilities and creates space for production expansions.

Intelligent production control

Our solutions enable customers to independently and thus decentrally control the respective work cycles and stations. Through the horizontal (system) and vertical (ERP) networking of all system parts using our individual MES systems, all data can be exchanged interactively and interact intelligently. We offer flexible and safe applications for mission-critical process control, both in clocked production and in the process industry.

Shopfloor monitoring

Under the condition of complete transparency (traceability) and continuous improvement of all processes in production, it is necessary to make all relevant parameters visible. The basic prerequisite for this is the integration of completely analog devices and processes through to modern IIOT applications. The data collected provides insight into line information such as quantities, current production trends, error indications and quality. This information is presented in dashboards, e.g. on Andon boards or handhelds in real time and if necessary for further evaluations (target/actual analysis, comparison with KPIs).

Data analysis

Predictive data analytics is incredibly valuable to businesses. The results can be used to decide which measures need to be taken in order to prevent or eliminate a future problem or to take advantage of upcoming trends. Our in-house developed systems combine historical data and current information from internal and external sources in order to update them continuously. With the help of modern technologies such as machine learning, simulation models and neural networks, AI solutions from Leadec offer you new possibilities for reliable forecasts for your company.

In-house developments


With our flexible system jitCATS - short for Just-In-Time Control-and-Tracking-System - investments, commissioning times, changeover expenses and running costs can be reduced. jitCATS can be used as a manufacturing execution system (MES) for the entire process. It includes the continuous control of all operating equipment, quality control loops up to shipping with sequence control.

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With our WelD.One system, inline quality data of weld seams can be acquired, recorded and evaluated. All quality-relevant welding process data are digitally recorded and documented in real time via a communication interface. The evaluation is carried out by means of individually defined parameters by an algorithm, and further information from other quality assurance systems can be linked. The monitoring results provide a direct and permanent feedback into the automation process of the plant.

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