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Using drones for Facility Management

Roof and facade inspections

Everything from a single source. Everything with one thing in mind: Your added value

  • Quicker and more resource-efficient use of drones instead of time-consuming and risky roof inspections by people
  • Data integration in CAFM system for seamless maintenance documentation
  • Flexible operation in winter for monitoring snow-covered roofs
  • Regular autonomous flights to obtain up-to-date image material
  • Quick repair of damages thanks to immediate data analysis of recordings and initiation of repairs

Preventive inspection

Heavy storms often cause damage to roofs and facades. Defects in the roof skin or the building shell can cause lasting damage to the buildings and it is absolutely necessary to avoid them! Preventive roof and facade inspections with the assistance of drones is both sensible and necessary. Roofs and hard-to-reach areas can be surveyed within a few minutes and fully automatically by using drones as part of our TFM services. The drones deliver real time images that can be analyzed and stored. Regular routine inspections allow early recognition of changes to the surface of your building.

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Technical details of the high-performance drone

  • Six rotors allow an especially stable flight even if one rotor fails
  • High-resolution images (20 MP resolution per recorded image); through image stitching, resolutions greater than 100 MP are an option
  • Video recordings (resolution of 4 K and 60 images per second)
  • No transfer of data and metadata to third-party servers
  • Autonomous flights

Further areas of use

  • Complex measurements and mapping of factory buildings and company facilities through quick and precise 3D mapping
  • Solar panel systems can be checked for damage and failures with the assistance of thermal imaging cameras
  • Thermal images to quickly localize any areas where energy is wasted
  • Identification of tie-off points and roof drains; animals and nests

Get to know further services

  • A Leadec employee cutting the hedge with a chainsaw at a factory site.
    Infrastructural Facility Management

    For 60 years, our infrastructural facility management has ensured optimal cleaning and maintenance of the entire infrastructure of your core business: production. In this way we create a pleasant working environment and ensure that your buildings, areas and facilities are optimally maintained.

  • Leadec employee working on the ventilation system of a factory.
    Technical Facility Management

    With our Technical Facility Management, we take care of operation, maintenance, inspection and repair of your building services or develop tailor-made concepts for modernization. Also, we rectify faults in the shortest possible time and ensure the supply of your production buildings from hot and cold water to compressed air and electricity.

  • Automation

    Digitalization and automation characterize modern smart factories. As a pioneer, Leadec is breaking new ground here, developing and realizing appropriate solutions to make manufacturing fit for Industry 4.0.

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