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As a service champion, we are passionate about our customers. Our goal is to create a leading edge for them. A unique combination of customized services and highly qualified teams makes us the preferred partner of the manufacturing industries all over the world. With the following references, you can get a small overview of our wide range of services.


Production planning for van production

This project began as a blank slate; however, after just three years, the first van was finally finished and out of production. This was an important moment for the 25 Leadec employees who had been apart of this project from the start. When planning and setting up for an automobile factory, our employees work tirelessly and effectively to make sure the customer is satisfied. For this specific company, we supported them with services such as the specification of workstations, the simulation of assembly processes, material flow planning, as well as the system design for vehicle assembly and the end-of-line sector.


Leadec’s presence in the aircraft industry

The aerospace industry faces demanding challenges every day and yet it is one of the most advanced industries in the world. To cope with these challenges reliably and successfully, the manufacturer needs a strong industrial service provider who takes the load off them. The aircraft industry is an essential aspect of Leadec. For one specific aerospace manufacturer, we have supplied services for many years including, production equipment maintenance, technical support, and recruitment services. 


Dis- and reassemby of a plant

Our employees are both dedicated and experienced, which shines through in the disassembling and reassembling of plants and factories under tough circumstances. One automotive company, based in India, contracted us to dismantle a massive plant. We had to package approximately 400 tons of valuable equipment securely and then transport it to the new location. Our employees had to transfer 51 trucks over a 2,000 km distance, through the hilly Indian landscape during monsoon season. The equipment and the Leadec employees arrived safely and in perfect condition. Upon arrival, our employees rebuilt the production lines at the new site. This project displays our commitment to our customers, for neither monsoon nor mountains, can stop us from making our customers satisfied. 

Plant Maintenance

Services for white good manufacturers

The white goods industry relies on introducing new products in order to create substantial added value for the consumer. To continue this growth and innovation, companies hand over responsibility for their industrial services to us here at Leadec. This allows them to focus on revolutionizing the industry while knowing that their factories are in good hands. In the USA, we help a household appliance manufacturer oversee plant maintenance. With our hardworking, skilled employees, we are able to shorten planned project times, while effectively getting the job done.


Digitalization for a food packaging and processing company

An attribute that makes Leadec unique is our focus on digitalization. While working for our customers, we aim to extend our expertise in this area and help them reach beyond what their systems can do. One example can be seen in our work for a large food packaging and processing company in Brazil. Here, we helped digitize their Technical Facility Management (TFM) and Technical Cleaning (TC) processes by implementing our state-of-the-art communication platform, Leadec.os. We use this system to digitally map all processes related to our services. Leadec.os can be used via mobile devices at each spot on site, which ultimately allows for reduced processing time and overall improved productivity.


Optimization of maintenance at a chemical company

One of our clients in Mexico is a large chemical production company. We support the production through services such as preventive maintenance to ensure optimal performance of the plant and the equipment, as well as checking and optimizing the complete maintenance system. At Leadec, we consistently focus on the digitalization of our processes and services, which includes automating the previously manual processes. Additionally, we supply services in the maintenance of system control, overseeing the air conditioning and ventilation systems, and welding work. 


Relocation for a heavy machinery manufacturer

One of the most impressive Leadec projects in the relocation segment was the transportation of test cells from Tennessee to São Paulo. This 8,000 km (roughly 5,000 miles) daunting journey proved to be no problem for our dedicated team. We successfully dismantled the test cells in Tennessee and then transported them to Brazil in merely four months. This project showed how we work between the Leadec regions smoothly and successfully while displaying our capability to be a true one-stop solution for customers around the world. 


Robot cells for sports cars

The automobile industry is constantly evolving and in order to embrace this, we strive to be open and responsive to new technologies. A German sports car manufacturer commissioned us to develop a technology that would help create a more effective manufacturing process. In response, our engineers created a state-of-the-art robot cell. This Leadec project consisted of the design of the system, the robot programming, and finally the integration of this new manufacturing technology into the existing system.

Long-term cooperation

50 years for a major automobile manufacturer

We at Leadec believe that long-term cooperation with our customers is crucial. For one global, German automobile manufacturer, we have provided services for more than 50 years and in all of the Leadec regions. We focus on technical cleaning, maintenance, logistics, and building services for this company. Through our reliable work and successful performance, this automobile company has gradually expanded our services worldwide, and thus increased our global footprint. 

Building services maintenance

Building services maintenance at a central warehouse

Leadec is responsible for the maintenance of all building services systems at a central warehouse of a large German supermarket chain. The data of approx. 2,500 systems were captured and evaluated. The well-founded recording system was the basis for the fast implementation of our innovative service control system, Leadec.os. Leadec uses this system to digitally map all processes related to its services and thus offers a high degree of transparency. It is extremely important for the customer that all systems are reliably maintained and malfunctions are eliminated as quickly as possible to ensure that delivery to the supermarkets is not interrupted. Almost all over Germany, the central warehouse supplies its stores with dry goods.

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