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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Leadec actually mean?

The company name Leadec is derived from the English words “lead” (leading edge, leadership) and “tech” (technology).

Is Leadec a recruitment agency?

As an industrial services provider, part of our core business includes providing various services for our customers, generally within the framework of a service contract.


Specifically, this means that our customers outsource certain services such as production maintenance (outsourcing). Our Leadec teams throughout the world then provide these services for our customers, often on site at their plants and production facilities.

What application documents should I submit?

Please send us your curriculum vitae and any relevant certificates (e.g. apprenticeship certificate, master tradesperson’s certificate, Bachelor’s certificate etc.) and your work references. If we require any additional documents from you as part of the pre-selection process, we will get in touch.

What is the best way for me to apply?

Where possible, please use our online application form for your application. You may also send your application by email (jobs(at) or by post.

How long after sending my application will I hear back from you?

If you send your application via our online form or by email, you will receive a confirmation of receipt immediately. If you send your application by post, it may take several days before you receive a confirmation of receipt due to the longer processing time.

Can I apply for a job at Leadec with a professional qualification acquired abroad?

Yes, however, especially for technical qualifications (e.g. electronics engineering), you will need to send us evidence in relation to the equivalence of the foreign qualifications or recognition of your studies in Germany.


For further information on the recognition procedure / finding of equivalence, go to or

Can I apply to Leadec as a career changer?

Yes, we offer career changers with a technical background from other sectors the opportunity to take on interesting tasks and projects in the automotive and manufacturing industries after completing the relevant induction and training.

What professional development opportunities does Leadec offer?

Leadec offers all employees a wide range of advanced training and professional development opportunities, e.g. through the Leadec Campus. In addition, we also offer location-specific programs such as advanced training to qualify as a PLC/robot programmer. For this, you will receive training on the job or are taught in our in-house Leadec Education Center.

Where can I find the privacy notice for the application process?

You can access our privacy notice for the application process here.

Is it possible to write my thesis at Leadec?

Yes, we give students the opportunity to work on certain topics or smaller projects in the form of a thesis with a practical focus, often in combination with an internship completed beforehand. Find out about our current vacancies on our job board or apply on your own initiative, stating your key areas of interest.

What areas does Leadec provide training in?

In addition to technical and commercial training occupations, there is also frequently the opportunity to complete a course of study in the IT field. For more information about training at Leadec click here.

Is it possible to complete a high school internship?

Yes, we are happy to look into suitable opportunities for you to complete a high school internship on a case-by-case basis. Please indicate your preferred location and duration of internship in your application.   

You have a question or want to know more about us? We will be happy to help you find the right job.

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