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  • jitCATS

    jitCATS helps you plan and control your production, meet delivery deadlines and balances your capacities. The system was developed specifically for the operation and quality documentation of the production of variant-rich products and thereby controls assembly orders according to sequence.

jitCATS - production control

Developed as a flexible system, jitCATS (just-in-time Control And Tracking System) has attractive features that reduce investment, commissioning time, changeover effort and running costs. Any OEM or module supplier can use jitCATS as a manufacturing execution system (MES) for the entire process. It includes the continuous control of all operating equipment, quality control loops up to shipping with sequence control. 

Scope of services

The all-in-one solution for jit/jis module production facilities including pre-assembly:

  • jit call-off processing and job scheduling
  • jit production material and operating resources control
  • Control of pre-assembly
  • Quality management and performance analyses
  • Sequence and shipping control
  • Option: control of demand-driven material provision

Project progress when introducing jitCATS

1. Concept phase

  • Document and describe required technologies
  • Work together to develop a technology matrix as the basis for further project steps


2. Software installation

  • Install jitCATS software on customer server
  • Load the associated application on the relevant clients
  • Set up the jitCATS PLC cell controller provided by Leadec

3. Line configuration

  • Joint configuration and setup of production line on the control station using the jitCATS configurator
  • Determine cycle times and machine control


4. Commissioning

  • Commissioning of the system and supervision of ramp-up until specified regular production level is reached
  • On request, further support and optimization of production

Result: a highly efficient and flexible production control system in the era of Industry 4.0.

Application area jitCATS

Added value through jitCATS


The scalable process model and parameter setting of jitCATS reduce follow-on investments and maintenance costs; system adjustments can be done by the user.


Thanks to dynamic management of operating resources, the jitCATS configurator achieves time savings of up to 80% for retooling within the production line.


The simple, repeatedly proven installation and implementation of jitCATS creates time savings of up to 50% for commissioning and ramp-up.


The optional jitCATS cloud solution enables global networking and avoids high local investment costs for IT and infrastructure.


The open interfaces of jitCATS for common ERP systems (e.g. SAP) avoid multiple inputs and ensure consistency of information.


The closed control loops and the use of reliable software elements in jitCATS reduce quality costs and improve process reliability.


The pull principle underlying jitCATS minimizes the intermediate buffer and reduces the necessary inventory of intermediate products.


The jitCATS open licensing model allows it to be easily extended to other production lines.

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