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Training places and application information

Are you looking for an exciting vocational training where you learn something new every day?

Then you've come to the right place! We work in forward-looking industries and ensure that our customers' production runs optimally. Leadec offers a large number of different training occupations. At our customers’ premises, at our sites or at our headquarters.

Application information

Do you have any questions or would you like to know more about us? Our contacts are happy to provide you with all the advice and support you need to find the right position for you.

What documents do I need for my application?

You do not need to include a cover letter with your application. However, you do need to send us your curriculum vitae, school certificates or reports and any internship certificates or reports. If you have not created a CV yet, you can download a template here.


Have you already created your CV? Here is a checklist with the points that should be included in your CV:


  • You have structured your CV chronologically, in tabular form
  • Your CV contains your personal details
  • It is not mandatory to include a photo with your application
  • You have listed important achievements and skills (educational background, student internships, holiday jobs, foreign languages, computer skills, hobbies)

When is the deadline for applying for a training program?

The start dates of training programs can vary depending on the location. You can find our current training vacancies at any time on our job board.

If you have any questions about your application or individual training places, please do not hesitate to contact our contacts.


What is the application process?

We receive your application: You can upload your application documents directly via our online application system. To do this, go to the training place advertised (see above) and click on “Apply now”. A new window will open. Upload your complete application documentation there.


We look through your application: We check your application documents and try to get back to you as soon as possible.


Initial interview: After seeing all your documents, we will look forward to inviting you for a personal interview.

Trial day (optional): After a positive initial interview, you will have the opportunity to take part in a trial day, in which you will learn more about your responsibilities and also get to know the team better.

Decision (acceptance or rejection): The final step of the application process is that you will be accepted or turned down for the training occupation.

Can I complete a student internship / attend a trial day?

We offer internships for career guidance and insights into the relevant job profile. The duration of these trial internships is up to one week, during which you can get to know the team and become familiar with the equipment and the workplace. If there are no student internships available near you but you want to get to know Leadec as a company or find out more about a certain profession with us, we can also organize a trial day with you. To arrange this, please get in touch with our training contacts and they will be happy to give you further assistance.

What does an industrial services provider do?

We work in the background to ensure that our customers’ production runs without a hitch. We work for customers from a wide range of sectors, including many companies from the automotive and manufacturing industries.

As a service provider, we can work at various locations. Some of us work every day directly in the production facilities of our customers (e.g. in maintenance), while others are based in our workshops, or performing assembly tasks at our customers’ premises. Our administrative staff work in our offices at various locations.

You can find out more about the specific tasks on the page of the respective training occupation.

Will I be at a location with other trainees?

How many trainees are in training at one of our locations changes every year. There are generally several trainees from different years of training at a location.

How often will I attend the vocational school and how is the training course delivered?

How and in what configuration you attend the vocational school varies according to the training program. The program may be taught as block courses or on a day-release basis. Block courses mean that you attend the vocational school in a block of several weeks at a time and then work for us again for a few weeks. Day-release means that you attend the vocational school for a couple of days each week and work for us for a few days. You will receive more precise information on this on your first day of training.

What school qualification is required for my training?

Unless otherwise specified, you need Mittlere Reife (general certificate of secondary education - GCSE) or a good Hauptschulabschluss (certificate of secondary education - CSE) to be eligible for our training occupations. 

How long is the training course? Is it possible to reduce my training time?

Training in a technical field generally takes 3.5 years. Training courses in commercial vocations usually take 3 years. Depending on your school-leaving qualification or in combination with very good results, you may be able to benefit from a reduced training period.

How can I apply for a training place?

It is best to use the online application form on our job board. Simply upload your CV and other documents (certificates and internship certificates/reports if applicable). You may also apply by email. To do so, please send your application documents to jobs(at)

What is the content of my training course?

We follow the official training guidelines for all training occupations. You can find a detailed description of the content of each training occupation here.

Who is responsible for the training?

Our trainers at the respective locations are responsible for mentoring and support. Our contacts from the Human Resources department are also available to answer your questions at any time.

What training occupations are available at Leadec?

In addition to technical and commercial training occupations, there is also frequently the opportunity to complete a course of study in the field of logistics or IT. You can find an overview of all the training occupations here.

What prospects are there after completing the training?

After completing your training at Leadec, you have numerous opportunities for further development. After completing their apprenticeship, many of our trainees pursue further training to become a master tradesperson or technician. You will then also be eligible to study at a university of applied sciences. In the commercial professions, further education to qualify in business management, business administration or as a certified business economist is possible.