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Our fieldbus training courses

Our experience in concentrated form, this is how you can describe our bus system trainings in brief. Since one of our main activities is finding faults in fieldbuses and Ethernet-based bus systems (AS-i, CAN, PROFIBUS, PROFIBUS-PA, PROFINET, EthernetIP, ...), we regularly gather new experiences and problem cases. We deal with them and integrate them into the training material. If possible, we “take” the error with us into the training, and in the practical exercises you can then try to solve the problem yourself.


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Overview of our training courses

We offer you the possibility to conduct training at your site or to participate in a training at our company.


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AS-Interface training courses

AS-Interface is actually an unproblematic fieldbus system. The influences that can nevertheless lead to a failure will be discussed in one day. Diagnostic tools with advantages and disadvantages as well as the expected EMC problems will be presented

CAN training courses

The possibilities for error during device development are particularly pronounced with the CAN bus. For this reason, possible interferences should already be recognized and avoided by the plant and equipment manufacturer during the design phase. In our CAN training exactly these weak points are described and communicated.

EMC training courses

After this day, you will see your plant and equipment with different eyes. You will learn that you can see EMC. Based on personal experiences, you will be guided through the different areas of EMC. The training content is rich with examples that you can apply to your plant and equipment at the end of the day.

EMC workshop

In this workshop you will learn to consider the grounding concepts of networks and fieldbus systems from an EMC point of view. You will be able to use the measures learned to maintain or restore the performance of your fieldbus systems and thus avoid unforeseeable faults.

Profibus training courses

I know Profibus! The participants in our Profibus training course learn that Profibus is more than a few settings in the hardware configuration and the correct setting of the slide switches at the connectors. Even if 5 days seem long at first, after all it is only about two wires and a shield, the participants will not get bored. As with all our training courses, the topic of EMC is not neglected.

Wireshark training courses

Many problems can be detected with the free software tool “Wireshark.” Since at first glance the amount of data is almost endless, this course teaches how best to go on the search. It is not only about Profinet, but also about other Ethernet-based bus systems.

Different PROFINET training courses

1-day training course "Profinet Starter"

For all those who do not know how to get started, the 1-day course has been compiled. In this course you will get concentrated knowledge about the basic principles and parameters of Profinet. Afterwards you should be able to check your system configuration and discover possible weak points. You can then decide which measuring equipment should be used and obtain further information about it.

2-day "Certified Profinet Installer" (CPNI) training course

The CPNI training is certified by the PNO (German Profibus User Organization) and ends with an exam. If you pass the exam, you will receive a certificate and will be listed as “Certified Profinet Installer” on the PNO homepage. Besides the basics of Profinet, special attention is paid to cable assembly.

3-day training course "Profinet Troubleshooter"

You have already had first (bad) experiences with Profinet or you want to get to know the sticking points beforehand. You may also want to approach troubleshooting with different measuring devices. Then you should register for this course.

PROFINET workshop

The goal of this workshop is to work with you to develop sensible tests and test criteria for PROFINET: “How will we test and accept PROFINET in the future? What do we have to pay attention to, how do we check our own measurement results? Should we train personnel or hire an external service provider? What loan equipment is available for PROFINET acceptance testing?”

Proactive maintenance of fieldbus systems workshop

How can you prevent sudden fieldbus downtimes? What does a downtime of your plant and equipment cost you? Per failure or calculated over the year? The P-QT 10 Profibus tester with horn developed by IVG Göhringer costs you just 470 euros and makes bus faults audible – long before your plant stops. The diagnostic module registers error telegrams and diagnostic messages and signals them via an alarm contact connected to a horn. Different modules are available for Profibus, CAN, AS-Interface and ESD detection.

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