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PROFINET - Free Online Seminar

The right lifecycle maintenance strategy for PROFINET

Participation: free of charge

Date: October 20, 10:00 to approx. 11:00


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IVG Göhringer is now part of Leadec

Competent troubleshooting of fieldbus technology

Troubleshooting made easy

IVG Göhringer is now part of Leadec. We are your competent contact and problem solver in all fieldbus technology questions. Fieldbus systems have been used since the 80s to reduce the length and number of cables needed in automation systems and to link intelligent modules. Today, almost 100% of all new plants are equipped with fieldbuses.


The comprehensive fieldbus products and services of IVG – and from now on Leadec – range from troubleshooting to on-site testing and acceptance measurements to training of maintenance staff. Another focus is on the initiation of complementary diagnostic tools for Profinet, Profibus, CAN, Ethernet, AS-Interface and ESD, etc.


Scope of services

  • Troubleshooting
  • Acceptance measurements
  • Training courses
  • Measuring systems

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Our goal, your advantage

Over 20 years of experience with bus systems

Profound know-how of the troubleshooters

Manufacturer-neutral distribution of measuring devices for all types of buses

*In 95% of all cases we find the error already within 8–10 hours.

Fast troubleshooting with 95% success rate*

Holistic checking of the bus systems

Measuring devices for further detailed laboratory tests (Fekote)

Systematic troubleshooting

Many malfunctions are caused by installation errors. These are defects that occurred during installation or extension of the bus system – for example, due to errors in the measuring sockets. Most of these errors can be detected in a visual inspection. We have designed a software-supported procedure for this purpose. The IVGNetApp based on this gives you a structured process and thus supports systematic troubleshooting.

Permanent condition monitoring

Permanent condition monitoring has proven effective for detecting wear effects due to aging on a bus system or network. Various testers are available for this purpose, which monitor the telegram traffic. The proven testers P-QT 10 for Profibus, C-QT 15 for CAN, A-QT15 for AS-Interface and ESD-QT16 for electrostatic discharge have been supplemented by the QT Manager for automated troubleshooting.

Our services for fieldbus technology


  • Holistic troubleshooting for all fieldbus systems and networks
  • Tablet-supported visual inspection for measured value acquisition
  • Testers for PROFIBUS, CAN, AS-Interface and EMC/ESD (electrostatics)
  • Solutions in the field of IO-Link and PROFINET

Acceptance measurements

  • Measurements for all fieldbus systems and networks according to specific requirements from the specifications
  • Basic inspections
  • Rework in the system to eliminate errors
  • Device analyses in the external laboratory
  • Free app as a checklist for visual inspections

Training courses

  • Comprehensive training in troubleshooting of problems in fieldbuses and networks like Ethernet-based bus systems, e.g., PROFIBUS, PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP + PA, CAN, AS-Interface and EMC
  • Planning of fieldbus systems and networks
  • Fieldbus and network maintenance
  • Viable foundations for specifications

Overview training courses

Measuring systems

  • Sale of measurement and analysis equipment for monitoring fieldbus systems and networks of all manufacturers
  • Independent advice from experts across all makes
  • Testers for long-term monitoring of fieldbus and network systems
  • Testers for troubleshooting

Our industries

As a global partner, Leadec offers customized solutions for a wide range of industries.

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