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  • Leadec in Roggentin/Rostock

    Leadec is one of the leading industrial service providers. With more than 23,000 employees, we support our customers' production processes at more than 350 sites worldwide. Internationally active and still local to the customer. We are where you need us to be. Here is a presentation of our site in Roggentin/Rostock.

Leadec in Roggentin/Rostock

With more than 23,000 employees and more than 350 locations worldwide, Leadec is one of the leading providers of industrial services. Internationally active and yet locally on site with the customer. Always close to you, where you need us. Here is a presentation of our location in Roggentin/Rostock.

Our services in Roggentin/Rostock

Leadec has almost 60 years of experience in industrial services. This experience has created extensive know-how and solid, long-term customer relationships worldwide. Leadec offers diverse, customized services that support our customers' production processes on site.

Scope of services

  • Three-phase electric power systems
    • Medium voltage systems/transformers
    • Power generators/emergency power systems
    • Low voltage switchgear
    • Lightning protection systems/earthing systems
    • Low voltage systems
    • Lighting systems
    • Emergency lighting
  • Extra low voltage systems
    • Alarm systems
    • Telecommunications & data network cabling
    • EIB/KNX
  • Project planning
  • Consulting & service

Range of services offered by Leadec


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Our services for three-phase electric power systems

Medium voltage systems/transformers

With competent partners, we ensure efficient and safe energy distribution in your building.

We have different products and solutions for systems up to 20 kV, which are accordingly adapted to our customers' technical requirements.

Power generators/emergency power systems

Power generation units ensure the availability of electrical energy independently of the public power grid and are often referred to as emergency power generators or backup generators, while more powerful units are referred to as emergency standby units. The size and performance of such emergency power generators vary considerably. We provide consulting, planning, installation and commissioning.

Low voltage switchgear

We plan and build your low voltage switchgear up to 630A as a type-tested assembly according to the new DIN EN 61439. We modernize and expand your switchgear on site to keep your production downtime as low as possible or prevent it.

Lightning protection systems/earthing systems

A lightning protection system should already be considered and implemented during the planning of a new building, as later retrofitting may generate significantly higher costs. Only qualified personnel should perform the necessary works to ensure that all regulations and standards are complied with and that the lightning protection system provides maximum protection.

Low voltage systems

Low voltage installations consist of equipment for generating, converting, storing, transmitting, distributing and consuming electrical energy with the purpose of performing work – for example, in the form of mechanical work, for generating heat and light or in electrochemical processes. We design and supply low voltage switchgear (LVS) as well as sub-distribution boards in accordance with DIN EN 61439 of various makes for use in industry and commerce. Thanks to the production of the sub-distribution boards at the location Roggentin/Rostock, we can react flexibly to our customers' requirements.

Emergency lighting

Based on DIN EN 1838, we install your emergency lighting system using state-of-the-art technology. We supply and install single battery systems or central battery systems according to your requirements. Emergency lighting in escape routes is intended to help identify possible obstacles in the escape route and to leave a place safely (evacuation). It also makes it possible to find and use fire-fighting and safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers or manual call points. The basis for planning your emergency lighting system is the building authority certificate and the valid fire protection report.

Lighting systems

Together with well-known manufacturers, who are constantly looking for more efficient solutions to save energy, we plan your economically sensible lighting system and translate it into exquisite design. Especially with regard to the latest LED technology, which is constantly evolving, there are extensive opportunities for functional, energy-saving and visually appealing lighting concepts.

Project planning

With the help of CAD-supported drawings and modern software, such as AUTO-CAD or EPLAN, etc., we advise and accompany you from the first discussion and drafts to the actual plan approval.


We implement your ideas and requirements in drawings. We create standardized CAD drawings for you for all areas of electrical installation from our range of services. With architectural plans as templates for CAD drawings, even extensive projects are no problem.


We create installation plans, wiring diagrams, terminal lists, legends, etc. of your existing or new sub-distribution boards and provide them to you digitally as well as in paper form up to DIN A0.


Our services for extra low voltage systems

Telecommunications & data network cabling

The cabling of telecommunications systems or data networks is always based on structured cabling systems. The aim here is to increase the available bandwidth and thus improve the communication throughput. The use of state of the art brands coupled with modern measurement technology, careful installation and expertise ensures you have a high-performance network. In the age of ever more modern information and communication technology, we create the conditions for trouble-free transmission of your data.


KNX stands for sophisticated and intelligent networked home and building automation and controls ventilation, heating, lighting, blinds and security technology as needed. It allows you to control your electrical systems and equipment remotely. The installation is carried out by a KNX-certified employee.


Your advantages:

  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Remote control of your electrical systems and equipment
  • All-day monitoring of windows and doors
  • Protection against hazards due to fire, water and improper handling of electricity
Alarm systems
  • Burglar alarms
  • Fire alarms
  • Public address systems (PA) / voice alarm systems 

Together with competent partners we build your tailor-made safety and security system. Our certified partner companies install, maintain and repair fire alarm systems for the detection, recording and forwarding of fire alarms in accordance with the requirements of the standards DIN VDE 0833, DIN 14675 as well as VdS 2095. Using approved, high-quality and certified products, systems are installed that meet all the requirements of a TÜV-approved safety and security system.

Consulting & service

Optimized electrical systems are a basic prerequisite for low power consumption and thus for low energy costs. Measures such as the use of compensation systems, KNX/EIB, sensible use of LED technology, etc. can release enormous potential for savings here. 


Regular maintenance of your equipment or the use of thermographic images are not only preventive measures to avoid damage, accidents at work due to electric shock or fire damage, but also suitable means to reduce energy costs. 


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