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  • Semiconductor manufacturing
    We are leveraging our expertise to support the semiconductor industry. With complete solutions from factory planning to maintenance, we work together with our customers to ensure that production processes work in the most efficient way.
  • We love your factory

    We are leveraging our expertise to support the semiconductor industry. With complete solutions from factory planning to maintenance, we work together with our customers to ensure that production processes work in the most efficient way.

Solutions for the semiconductor industry

The transition towards electromobility, dynamic developments in consumer electronics, and the growing need for ever more powerful chips are propelling the European semiconductor and microelectronics market. Such production necessitates meticulous precision and profound expertise across all aspects of the manufacturing process. Our services are tailored to meet with the highest standards set by key stakeholders of the semiconductor industry. Through our comprehensive support, our customers can singularly concentrate on production, unburdened by other concerns.

What sets us apart

We exceed the requirements

The pace of innovation in the semiconductor industry is rapid. It is subject to the most stringent cleaning and quality requirements, while the materials used are highly sensitive and often extremely cost-intensive. Professional competence is therefore essential for us to ensure that our services are carried out in the most efficient way.

Proactivity is in our veins

Our team of professionals work behind the scenes to ensure our customers' production runs optimally. How do we achieve this? We are people who are willing to take action, problem-solvers, multi-talented, and if necessary, also firefighters. Above all, we are helpful colleagues.

Scope of services

  • Integrated Facility Management
  • Maintenance
  • Intra-company logistics
  • Electrochemical laboratory testing
  • Automation
  • Factory planning and optimization
  • Infrastructural Facility Management (IFM)
  • Cleanroom cleaning

“Standard processes are of no use to us in European semiconductor manufacturing”


The semiconductor industry is growing strongly. Manufacturers have their sights firmly set on Europe. And technical services for the fab have a special role to play. In this interview, Dana Nikolaj, Business Director Semiconductor, provides insights into the business and the opportunities for Leadec.  


Read the interview

Our offer for the semiconductor industry

Integrated Facility Management

As part of Integrated Facility Management, we establish a partnership-oriented model with our customers, who not only outsource the operational activity of the services to us, but also a portion of the tactical and the strategic alignment. Usually, an Integrated Facility Management package is a consolidation of hard (technical) and soft (non-technical) services. Our model is tailored to individual customer needs.

Maintenance services

Reliable and trouble-free operation of production machines is a top priority for us and our customers. The prerequisite for this is production equipment maintenance including predictive maintenance activities and fast response times for troubleshooting. To ensure this, we look after your plant and equipment in close coordination with the machine manufacturers and suppliers.

Within the Fabs and their complex ecosystem, we support our customer's maintenance team with commissioning, repackaging and the supply of toolkits or spare parts within the cleanroom and laboratories. 

A high proportion of special machines is no problem for us. We also offer our maintenance service in the context of building technology and in relation to supply systems.

Intra-company logistics services

In logistics, we ensure that production lines are supplied as required, while complying with cleanroom regulations and handling highly sensitive goods. We can also handle and collect processed wafers for internal or external rework and inspect wafers for quality, e.g. manual defect classification. This includes cleaning and packing of production-related parts, spare parts and tools, and transporting wafers and materials within cleanroom areas and laboratories.

We support our customers from concept development to the provision of operational internal logistics services, including production start-up.

Electrochemical laboratory testing

Our Institute for Corrosion and Damage Analysis (IfKorr) offers a wide range of services including laboratory tests and on-site investigations as well as corrosion and damage analysis. With many years of experience, our colleagues are at your side as a competent partner for clarifying the cause of damage and providing technical advice.

Technical Facility Management

With our technical facility management, we take care of the operation, maintenance, inspection and repair of your building services or develop tailor-made modernisation concepts. We can also respond quickly to faults and ensure that your production buildings are supplied with everything from hot and cold water to compressed air and electricity.

Factory planning and optimization

Whether it’s a greenfield site or an existing facility, from planning to successful commissioning, ramp-up support and quality management -we know exactly what’s needed for a successful production facility, where the challenges lie and where unutilized potential lies. This is where competitiveness is decided, so planning must be comprehensive and precise.

Our team uses state-of-the-art digital solutions to plan processes and areas, as well as assembly lines and systems, and to simulate the factory. As a result, we can provide an overview of all the parameters required for successful production in terms of capacities, quantities, and resources right from the early planning stage.


Our automation team has already successfully developed several test benches for robots handling 300 mm wafers. Furthermore, we take over the automation of various utility supply systems for customers. Modern manufacturing is an exciting ecosystem that combines data, digitized processes, and different players. Our Smart Factory Group develops solutions for intelligent manufacturing and digital services.

Infrastructural Facility Management (IFM)

Based on our experience in Infrastructural Facility Management (IFM), our colleagues develop and implement individual cleaning concepts. We work with you to find efficient and cost-effective solutions that meet your needs. 

Our facility services are carried out according to strict quality criteria and based on the guidelines of the Research and Testing Institute for Facility Management (FIGR). We work closely with the FIGR. As a result, our experts are always highly trained. Digital tools also make our services transparent and verifiable.

Following the principle of ”one face to the customer“, we relieve you of the burden of IFM for your production. For us, this means: We coordinate all services in the background, so that you can concentrate on the essentials.

Cleanroom cleaning

Leadec is adheres to strict cleanroom protocols and ensuring the highest industry standards is fundamental to us. In addition, we always assess the site-specific needs of our customers when developing service packages. Depending on the classification and the industry requirements, this may include cleaning intervals, specific cleaning methods or materials required by the industry. We ensure that our cleanroom cleaners receive regular and appropriate training so that they are aware of the current rules and processes.

Material evaluation for Hi-Tech company


From February 2023, Leadec, as a strategic partner of this high-tech company, provides support in material selection and machining concept. The analysis of current test concepts and the optimization determine our site-specific service package. In addition to our main services, our tasks include close co-operation with the customer's departments for the preparation of work instructions.


Main services

  • Analysis of corrosion behavior for materials with coolant contact

  • Electrochemical measurements (open circuit potential and potentiodynamic tests)

  • Analytics (scanning electron microscopy with EDX-analysis, ICP-OES analysis of aqueous specimens)

  • Metallography

TFM for a semiconductor manufacturer


Our long-term contract with a global semiconductor leader in power systems and IoT covers the management of all site operations. Facility management, energy management and CIP tasks are also carried out by our colleagues to a high standard. We manage the site's extensive repairs and ex-plants (technical gas), as well as the FM-related activities of a 15,000 sqm cleanroom area.


Main services

  • Janitorial services
  • On-call & emergency services
  • Statutory compliance
  • Operating technical gas systems
  • Chemical system maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Frame agreements – continuous shifts operations, 24/7

FM services for a leading foundry chipmaker


Leadec provides a wide range of facility management services for a multinational semiconductor contract manufacturing and design company. Our colleagues are implementing the intra-logistics for handling highly sensitive raw materials and also checking the quality of wafers. Special cleanroom cleaning processes and commissioning are also included in our service package.


Main services

  • Handling and collection of processed wafers for internal or external rework
  • Verification of wafer quality against database (ICP-MS measurements, VPD requests, manual defect classification)
  • Cleaning and packing of production related parts, spare parts and tools
  • Preventive cleaning of tools for maintenance
  • Collection and return of packaging materials and parts
  • Commissioning, preparation and supply of maintenance work
  • Commissioning, repackaging and supply of tool kits and spare parts within the cleanroom







on 4 continents


billion euro (2022)

IfKorr - Institute for Corrosion and Damage Analysis

Modern testing equipment, seamless analysis in our own laboratory or at the customer's site, and quick response times are the hallmarks of the Institute for Corrosion and Damage Analysis (IfKorr) in Magdeburg. As part of Leadec, IfKorr supports the Automation & Engineering, particularly in the field of quality management.


The services of IfKorr include laboratory tests and on-site investigations as well as corrosion and damage analysis. The Institute has many years of experience as a competent partner for clarifying the cause of damage and providing technical advice.


IfKorr cooperates with handicraft businesses, medium-sized companies as well as with renowned German and international corporations. Our customers are mainly from the energy supply, mechanical engineering, plant engineering and steel construction sectors. We support courts and insurance companies as well as inspection and monitoring organizations in the field of expert opinions on corrosion damage and its causes.


We are characterized by

  • Leading provider of corrosion and damage analyses
  • Provision of engineering and expert services, research
  • Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) appointment as corrosion damage experts for metallic materials
  • Monitoring and certification body for gabion baskets


Our competences

  • Corrosion and climate testing

  • Electrochemistry

  • Mechanical-technological tests

  • Analytics

  • Non-destructive testing


More information


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