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Precision toolmaker – Cutting tools (m/f/d)

As a precision toolmaker specializing in cutting tools, you manufacture and repair all types of cutting tools for manual or mechanical use.



Your tasks

  • You will receive extensive training in workflow planning and preparation
  • You will independently specify machining processes and choose tools, abrasives, polishes and sealants
  • You will assist with technical data collection and settings, e.g. grinding angle, machine feed rate and coolant flow rate
  • You will learn how to manufacture and repair cutting tools
  • You will independently measure and check the shape and dimensional accuracy of workpieces, e.g. lengths, angles and surfaces; this includes using laser test equipment
  • You will learn how to maintain work and operating equipment, e.g. checking coolants and lubricants, and how to carry out and document maintenance work
  • Your responsibilities also include preparing cutting tools for shipping or delivering to the customer
  • You will have the opportunity to forge knives, which includes setting up forges, form steel by means of open-die forging and harden it


  • Mittlere Reife (general certificate of secondary education)
  • Good proficiency in mathematics and physics
  • Interest in technical processes
  • Logical and spatial thinking
  • Open and friendly towards other people
  • Careful work

What we offer

  • Challenging and varied activities
  • Prospects for professional development and opportunities for promotion
  • Good chances of employment after completing your training
  • Bonus for a grade of 2.5 or better in your final examination
  • We provide your workwear
  • We cover the cost of teaching materials and provide an annual budget for trainee events

Professional development opportunities

  • Master mechanic – cutting tools (m/f/d)
  • Industrial foreman – metal (m/f/d)
  • Technical manager (m/f/d)


Here is a list of all Leadec’s training locations along with the relevant contacts and vocational schools. Our training locations are easy to reach by private vehicle or public transport.



Training location:

Leadec BV & Co. KG
Kauffahrtei 25, 09120 Chemnitz



Mrs. Marx
Phone: +49 3712714862


Vocational school:

BSZ Technik III - R-H-Schule
Annaberger Str. 186, 09120 Chemnitz

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