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Metalworker construction engineering (m/f/d)

As a metalworker in the field of construction engineering, you manufacture, assemble and maintain steel and metal structures.



Tasks for metalworkers construction engineering (m/f/d)

At Leadec, you will learn how to manufacture, repair and maintain metal and steel structures as well as how to assemble and disassemble them. To give you a better understanding of the training, we spoke to our trainee Nico (3rd year of training) about his experiences and responsibilities.

A wide variety of workplaces

“During my training, I spend approximately half of my working time in the workshop at Leadec, producing materials that we will subsequently assemble at our customers’ facilities, where we spend the other half of our working time. Most of our customers are located near our site but sometimes we have to travel to another state in Germany or even to a location abroad.”


Nico, 3rd year of training to become a metalworker specializing in construction technology at Leadec in Chemnitz

Varied tasks

“My tasks include everything to do with metalworking. I especially like welding. It is not very physically demanding but it requires a lot of skill. In our workshop, we weld, bend and cut materials for our customers. This may be individual parts or large quantities of the same part. But we also deal with bigger machines which weigh up to 15 metric tons.”

Assisting with complete projects

“In my training I am really part of the team and I can be involved in projects from start to finish. This starts with our foreman receiving the order and explaining what we need to do. How we proceed from there depends on the project but generally includes manufacturing samples, planning and production, and through to assembling the parts at the customer’s facility. I am especially proud when the foreman praises the work I have done when we have finished.”

Your tasks

  • You will cut components to the required measurement by flame cutting, abrasive cutting, with shears and saws
  • You will learn how to give parts the required shape and dimensions by bending, hot and cold forming, straightening and pressing
  • Your tasks will also include preassembling prefabricated components into assemblies by welding, screwing or riveting
  • You will learn how to join manufactured components, standard parts and finished components and accessories and assemble them into movable metal structures (final assembly)
  • In the construction of metal structures, you will align components, fix them with welding points and put them together by welding or screwing
  • You will learn methods for checking work that has been carried out and how to perform functional tests on movable parts
  • You will have the opportunity to independently carry out maintenance and repair work
  • Your area of activity will also include independent planning and preparation of tasks


  • Mittlere Reife (general certificate of secondary education)
  • Interest in technical processes
  • Logical thinking
  • Good proficiency in mathematics and physics
  • Open and friendly towards other people
  • Careful way of working

What we offer

  • You will receive practical training in a company with many years of experience in vocational training and will have a permanent contact person throughout the training period
  • The security of a large, globally operating company with high standards of occupational safety
  • Attractive vocational training pay in line with the collective agreement
  • “Me@Leadec” makes our benefits accessible to you, e.g. numerous employee benefits, including local health and sports offers; an annual budget for trainee events; bonus for completing the training with good results; provision of workwear and training materials, etc.
  • Easy access to company information and news via our “” employee app

Professional development opportunities

  • Bachelor Professional of Metal Production and Management (CCI) (m/f/d)
  • Master Metalworker (m/f/d)
  • Technician (m/f/d)
  • Specialization in core areas

Open positions

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